All manuscripts submitted to the JURNAL AGROSAINS: Karya Kreatif dan Inovatif Work must follow the Focus and Scope and Author Guidelines (Writing Format) of this journal. Manuscripts submitted must meet scientific or novelty values in accordance with the focus and scope of this journal.

The Editor-in-Chief and Section Editors will evaluate submitted papers at the prequalification stage for suitability for further review. The review process used in this journal is Double-blind-peer-review. Manuscripts will be evaluated by two qualified peer reviewers selected by the Editor-in-Chief and Section Editors. Peer reviewers should review the manuscript and return it with their recommendations to the Editor-in-Chief or Section Editor as soon as possible, usually within 3 weeks. If one peer reviewer recommends rejection, the Editor-in-Chief will ask a third reviewer or Section Editor to decide whether to accept or reject the paper. The reviewers provided valuable scholarly comments to improve the content of the manuscript. Sometimes (if needed) a third peer-reviewer is required to provide critical comments on submitted manuscripts.

Papers that need to be revised will be returned to the author, and the author must return the revised manuscript to the Chief Editor through OJS AGROSAINS JOURNAL: Karya Kreative dan Inovatif Works. The Editor-in-Chief sends the revised manuscript to the Section Editor to check whether the manuscript is revised as suggested by the peer reviewers. The Section Editor can provide recommendations to the Chief Editor that manuscripts must be returned to the authors, accepted, or rejected within 2 weeks. After the acceptance letter is sent by the Editor-in-Chief, the manuscript is forwarded to the technical editor for the editing and layout process. The Editor-in-Chief will send a letter announcing publication issues to the author.

There are four steps to the revision process by the author: 1) the revised manuscript to accommodate the Section Editor's suggestions (prequalification step) within 2 weeks; 2) revised text to accommodate peer reviewers' suggestions within 2-4 weeks; 3) revisions to accommodate the Section Editor's suggestions within 2-4 weeks (if any); and 4) revisions to accommodate editorial meeting proposals within 1 week (if any). Manuscripts that exceed the revision deadline will be withdrawn. Authors can ask the Chief Editor for an extension before the revision ends. The time interval from the date the manuscript is submitted to acceptance for publication varies, depending on the time taken for the review and revision process.

The final decision on acceptance of the manuscript is fully made by the Editor in Chief/Regional (Handling) Editor (together with the Editorial Board if necessary) in accordance with the reviewer's critical comments. The final decision on the manuscript is based solely on the Editor's final review taking into account the comments of the peer-reviewers (but not solely by the Reviewers).

The publication of accepted articles including the placement of articles in published publications will be carried out by the Chief Editor taking into account the order of the date received and the geographical distribution of the authors as well as thematic issues.