The Research of Literary Criticism (Materialism in The Great Gatsby Novel by Fitzgerald)

  • Jaftiyatur Rohaniyah Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Nurul Jadid, Paiton, Probolinggo
Keywords: Materialism, The Great Gatsby Novel


The material as the life’s necessities of human changes into prestige of the human himself.  Material  is  no  longer  interpreted  as  the  life’s  necessities  but  it changes into money. It becomes the symbol of success and happiness. This shift process certainly brings a lot of change to the human nature. Material which at the beginning is considered as the life necessities turns into human obsession to reach the happiness. In the literary criticism, materialism is one of approach to analyze the values in the literary works. Its used by Fitzgerald to view the complexity of the story in the ‘Great Gatsby’ Novel, but unfortunately the fact, its ironic because material satisfaction is only empty happiness as reflected in this paper.


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