author guidelines

  1. The paper submitted to the journal AL-ULUM is original thought and research results of education and Islamic thought which has never been published in any journals, both national and international or not being loaded in the proposed other journals and is not a result of plagiarism of other people's works proved by the affidavit of the originality of works.
  2. a typed Manuscript in the language or languages of Indonesia United Kingdom with the program Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, font size 12 pts, with 1.5 spacing in 2 columns. Distance edges 2 cm on all edges, formulas and equations are written with Microsoft Equation. The paper is printed on A4 paper along the 5 – 15 page.
  3. The manuscript sent by e-mail: [email protected] or directly through OJS submit it to
  4. The manuscript was discovered in the blind review by reviewers (partner bestari) who has been appointed in accordance with the field of expertise. Author of the article is given a chance to improve a script (revised) on the basis of recommendations/suggestions from the reviewers or editors. The certainty of the loading or the rejection of the manuscript will be informed in writing.
  5. the Systematics article writing products of thinking and research in the field of education and Islamic thought: title; The name and the author's Institution; Abstract and keywords; Introduction; The method; Results and Discussion; The cover; and Bibliography.
  6. Referrals and excerpts using techniques (surname, year) with the rules as follows: a) If there are two authors, the referencing is done by way of mentioning the author's second last name followed by the year. Example: (Utami & Denny, 2015), b) If more than two authors, the first author of simply written the Fellowship followed by a description of the dkk. or al in accordance with the language used in the script. Example: (Suherman dkk., 2015) or (Suherman, 2015),
  7. Writing the reference list using the System Reference (Mandeley/ EEEEE). Reference list arranged alphabetically and chronologically. The entire team of authors should be listed in full. The names of the author's first name is abbreviated and written after her last name. Last name must be the same as those mentioned in the script.